About The Program

The WSET, founded in 1969, is the world’s leading wine education organization and instructs members of the wine and spirits trade, as well as consumers, internationally. Its highest qualification, the Diploma in Wine and Spirits, is the traditional pre–requisite for entry into the prestigious Master of Wine Education Program. The WSET courses are offered in over 55 countries, in 13 different languages and over 36,000 students sit exams annually. Upon completion of a WSET course the student receives an internationally recognized certification.

Our WSET courses are serious and challenging. They are designed for both members of the trade and consumers who want to greatly expand their knowledge of wine and spirits.

The Vermont Wine School currently offers three levels of study. 

  1. Level One Foundation Award which is an introduction to wine course.
  2. Level Two Award in Wines and Spirits, includes a wine and spirits program.
  3. Level Three Award in Wine. This level covers the entire world of wine and spirits including viticulture, vinification, appellation labeling laws, liquors of the world and fortified wines. 

All courses emphasize wine-tasting and food and wine pairing. Particular emphasis is placed on wine tasting technique in the Level 3 Award in Wine. We also offer the WSET Spirits Award for those wishing to expand their knowledge of spirits and liqueurs of the world.