Level Three

The Level Three Award in Wine is the appropriate course for those who already have a broad foundation of wine knowledge. This would include knowledge of wine labeling laws, appellation systems, major wine producing regions and grape type. Students should also be more experienced in tasting technique. The course covers the major wine regions of the world in more depth than the Level Two Award. It also includes much more detailed study of viticulture and vinification. The course enables students to describe the characteristics of the principal wines and spirits of the world and to explain the key factors accounting for those characteristics.

It is highly recommended that those wishing to pursue the Level Three Award first obtain the WSET Level Two Award, unless they can demonstrate significant prior wine knowledge. The Level Three Award is required of those wishing to attain the highest WSET certificate, the Diploma in Wines and Spirits.

The course involves 15 sessions of approximately 2.5 hours each. Each session is broken down into a lecture of 90 minutes, and a tasting portion of 60 minutes. The course culminates in a three-hour exam during the 16th session that includes short-answer essay questions, and a blind tasting assessment of two wines. Successful students earn the WSET Level Three Award in Wine.

Course Syllabus

Session One: Course Introduction and Tasting Technique
Session Two: Natural Factors and Human Influence in the Vineyard
Session Three: Human Factors in the Winery that Ifluence Style, Quality and Price
Session Four: White Wines of Germany, Alsace, Austria and the Tokaj Region of Hungary
Session Five: White Wines of Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux
Session Six: Red and Rose Wines of Bordeaux, Southwest France and the Loire Valley
Session Seven: Red Wines of Burgundy and the Red and White Wines of the Northern Rhone
Session Eight: Red, White and Rose Wines of the Southern Rhone Valley and Southern France; Red Wines of Spain Part 1 and White Wines of Spain and Portugal
Session Nine: Red Wines of Northern Spain and Red and White Wines of Northern Italy
Session Ten: Red and White Wines of Central and Southern Italy, the Red Wines of Portugal and the Red and White Wines of Greece
Session Eleven: Premium Red Wine Regions of the New World
Session Twelve: Premium White Wine Regions of the New World
Session Thirteen: Regional Specialities of the New World
Session Fourteen: Sparkling Wines
Session Fifteen: Fortified Wines

Class Details

  • $1,400 registration fee
  • includes approximately 36 hours of instruction, textbooks and study materials, tasting samples and exam.
  • You will automatically be enrolled for the exam when you register unless you notify the Vermont Wine School 15 business days prior to the exam that you wish to sit the exam at a later date. Without prior notification you will be charged $220 to sit the exam at a later date.

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To register, please call the Vermont Wine School at 802-999-4232, or download this form.

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