Seminar: Sell Like a Sommelierâ„¢

A motivational sales seminar focused on driving sales, positive interactions, and results.

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Sell Like a Sommelier™ delivers positive results for products or services in any industry by training your staff to:

  • Increase sales by seamlessly moving clients to a higher price point
  • Create brand loyalty through exceptional client engagement
  • Gain market share by shifting to an emotional connection with your brand

By adopting the skills and habits of the Sommelier, your staff will better position themselves to enhance interactions, drive sales, and deliver results. Learn how in our 90-minute seminar

What makes a Sommelier so effective? This seminar will examine many of the qualities that make them successful.

  • The Sommelier is a master of the customer experience, using every tool available when interacting with clients. With a combination of salesmanship, product knowledge, and intuition, the Sommelier is quick to connect with the customer and assess their needs.
  • Sommeliers are always aware of what the client values, regardless of price point. A good Sommelier is skilled at connecting with clients, quickly assessing their needs and desires to provide them with what they want. Using a depth of knowledge and marketing skills, they are able to connect with customers on a personal level. The Sommelier sells more than just wine, they create an experience.
  • Many restaurants, retail shops, importers, and wholesalers rely on the Sommelier to provide expertise and advice. Selling is their goal, but they are also experts when it comes to wine. They spend many hours behind the scenes researching wines, studying wine regions, creating menus, and contacting suppliers or clients. They are committed to the knowledge behind their work, providing them with multiple techniques for assessing the needs of their clients.
  • Every new interaction provides a challenge for the Sommelier, requiring a high degree of awareness and flexibility. Each interaction varies based on the client’s interests, desires, and knowledge. It is up to the Sommelier to determine the best approach for each scenario. They are masters of the brief encounter, striking up conversation in a way that feels fluid and natural. The Sommelier only has a short opportunity to asses the needs of the client, which is critical to providing a great experience.

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Our 90-minute seminar shows how the skills of a Sommelier seamlessly translate to extraordinary customer relations and client loyalty, in any industry. We’ll help your staff learn how to:

  • Engage and make customers feel special
  • Present knowledge in a way to disarm the customer and make them feel comfortable
  • Tap into specific desires to understand and meet specific wants and needs
  • Guide conversations from commodity to value

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"Kevin has a unique ability to deliver his passion for wine in an informal yet strikingly knowledgeable way. His demaeanor is serious yet engaging offering his audiences a snapshot into the the world of wine typically reserved for serious enthusiasts!" Bruce Boisen, A.W. Hastings Marvin Windows.

"Had the opportunity to engage Kevin Cleary, DipWSET, FWS of Let's Talk Wine and Food to lead a unique sales team event. His passion in talking about the skills of the Sommelier and how they can be applied to the selling process was tremendously effective and well received by the team. We concluded the evening with a wine tasting featuring a variety of New California wines. A truly different style team building and learning event!" Adam Gurian, Principal, Trikinder Advisors LLC